Monday, June 7, 2010

versatile vanilla cake goes chocolate

I was craving cake.  Moist, rich chocolate cake.  I really liked this cake in the vanilla version so, I made the chocolate version.  It was good and with the combination of the whipped frosting on top it tastes almost "light".  I was hoping for a moister cake with a more intense chocolate flavor.  The cake is good and I know we will eat it all but, I don't think this is my chocolate cake.  I don't love the whipped frosting (or any whipped frosting) but, I wanted to try to make it again.  It turned out much better this time.  Much more fluffy and certainly makes more then enough to cover the cake with a nice center filling.  I  had the frosting 3 minutes on the stove and then whipped for 3 minutes on medium high.  This frosting would be a good balance to a devils food cake.

Versatile Vanilla Cake Goes Chocolate
Source: Everyday Food


Use same vanilla cake  recipe previously used with following changes:
Substitute 1/2cup unsweetened cocoa for 1/2 cup flour

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